Monday, August 13, 2007

"Link" do nas na stronie Johna "Birdmana"

First two words in English.Why? Because we,the average mortals don't have any problem's in reading and writing in John's lingo but he does not understand Polish.
Wonder- why?
It looks that even the BIG brains from Mensa have a faulty chip sometimes...

But -jokes apart.John is fighter for freedom and his site (see :links in English) works as a magneto for all humans sharing the same strange itch :be free and stay free.
Over ONE MILLION PEOPLE visit his site every day !
Link on his site is like a medal for good fight on the battle field.
Enough words-back to the fight.
Thanks John.

Ponizej zartobliwa informacja ,ktora przyslal mi John o tym ,ze udalo mu sie zamiescic link do naszej strony na swojej.
Calosci nie tlumacze bo jest tam kilka komplementow pod moim adresem .Z jakiegos powodu strona nie bardzo otwiera sie u niego ale kto probuje temu sie uda.Czasami jak pisze "Ptasznik" musisz przycisnac "STOP" wtedy gdy sie zawiesi aby ja otworzyc.Tez fajnie...

"Here is your link:

If you read Polish, you may wish to visit the site of Jerzy George, a Holocaust revisionist and fighter for exposing the truth about the Self-Chosen. Needless to say, the site is all Greek to me, so I can't really pass judgment on it, but Jerzy is a regular poster on and is therefore a Certified Good Guy. One problem we have had is in actually bringing the site up -- sometimes it just won't come up, other times you can make it come up by -- ironically -- hitting 'Stop" after it seems to have stalled. At this point I could well imagine myself telling a Polish joke which purports to answer the question "How do you bring up a Polish website?" (Hit stop before you start, perhaps?), but such would be offensive, particularly to Jerzy, who has a beautiful wife that I have my eye on, and hey, things don't always work out..."

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