Friday, July 6, 2007


To ile bylo tych milionow?

Wedlug tej holo-bredni w czterech obozach: Chelm,Belzec ,Sobibor i Treblinka , hitlerowcy zamordowali 2 miliony Zydow.
Ale za to tylko 1 milion w Brzezince..
Tyle samo co w Treblince..
W komorach "dieslowskich" albo "parowych"..

"Polish scholars estimate conservatively that in these four camps, 2,000,000 Jews and 52,000 Gypsies, one third of whom were children, were killed. Yes, the concentration camps had their gas vans, their gas chambers, their crematoria, and their mass graves. People were shot in them, given injections, gassed, and hundreds of thousands died of starvation and disease. But even in Birkenau, where some have estimated that 1,000,000 Jews were killed, there was a chance of life. In the killing centers the only inmates kept alive for a short time were those selected to process the bodies of their fellow Jews."

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