Thursday, July 19, 2007

Zydzi i przecietnosc

Zydowska przecietnosc jako norma swiatowa?

Kilka fragmentow :

"Jewish conversation,
debate, and comedy might seem to suggest that the Jews are a
spontaneous nation. But that is deceiving. There is little that is
spontaneous about the Jew. In the presence of the non-Jew, not a
single word drops from the mouth of the Jew until its ramifications
have been carefully studied and considered. The examples of
Jewish "spontaneity" are, in fact, examples of Jewish craftiness and
guile. In addressing the non-Jew, the Jew never speaks from his
heart. He speaks always with a specific goal in mind.

"One of the ugliest aspects of modernity is that we are besieged on
all fronts by Jewish persistence. That very quality which insured
the survival of the Jewish idea for millennia permeates today the
global culture, which is, in fact, a variety of Jewish culture.
Jewish effort is, more than anything else, persistent. The Jew
never gives up (if you can't pay your debts, you pray that the debt
collector is not a Jew)."

"In past generations nearly every European Jew had
his own gescheft or parnosseh `livelihood'. A Jewish joke describes
the enterprising Jew whose business card reads: "Shlomo Lipschitz.
Psychologist and Locksmith. Catering on weekends." In past
centuries Jewish "art" (or more accurately: "craft") was practiced
by cobblers, parasol repairmen, tailors. The greatest achievements
of Jewish "art" were produced by fiddlers performing for drunken
guests at goyish wedding receptions. The other great influence of
Jewish "art" was study of the Talmud, which encouraged endless
debate on minute details of religious law. The presence of Jews in
literature is a legacy of Talmud study and their "cut and paste"

"Despite the centuries of survival of Jewish identity, there has
never existed a distinct Jewish art. Jews have always borrowed from
other cultures, whether it be their dress or language (they took
their Yiddish and Ladino dialects from speakers of German and
Spanish). Traditionally, Jews have had little aesthetic sense. A
recent example is the notorious neoconservative war criminal Paul
Wolfowitz, who when visiting a mosque removed his shoes to reveal a
gaping hole in each of his socks. Whether we speak of the behaviour
of some individual Jews or their creativity, there is lots of bad
taste and always an absence of spontaneity."

"America today is all about Jewish gimmicks. "Buy one get one
free." The Jewish gimmick applies to Jewish "art" as well. The
Howard Cosells, Howard Sterns, Chevy Chases, Larry Kings, and all
the other stars of Judeo-American pop culture achieve fame through a
gimmick. And they are always persistent about their gimmick."

",u>Richard Wagner and many others have commented on the mediocrity of
the Jew in music. Horowitz, Rubenstein, Isaac Stern and many other
Jewish "stars" of classical music are mere fiddlers, entertainers,
practitioners of a tavern craft that knows no spontaneity.

True art, beauty, and creativity arise from spontaneity.
(Prawdziwa sztuka,piekno i dar tworzenia jest wynikiem spontanicznego dzialania

It is the spontaneous nations of the world which have produced the great art.
Persistence is helpful for survival in the face of the constant wave
of assimilation of cultures and languages. But persistence hardly
guarantees that you'll every produce true art.
And in my opinion, a nation which cannot produce art, not even an interesting clay pot,
doesn't have much to offer humanity."

Moim zdaniem , narod ,ktory ktory nie potrafi STWORZYC dziela sztuki ( a tylko nasladowac) ,nawet interesujacego glinianego dzbanka ,nie ma zbyt wiele do zaoferowania reszcie ludzkosci

"A Jew would prefer that the university president be a goy and that all the
professors be Jews. That's clever. Better, Jews think, a goyish
president in the White House and have all the cabinet heads Jews.
In the long run that's good for the Jews. "

Zyd wybierze taka sytuacje gdzie glowa uniwersytetu bedzie goj ale wszyscy profesorowie-Zydami.Sprytne.jeszcze lepiej gdyby udalo sie miec goja-prezydenta w Bialym Domu w ktorym Zydzi beda na wszystkich czolowych stanowiskach w administracji.Na dluga mete to wlasnie jest dobre dla Zydow

Cala masa niesamowicie trafnych obserwacji mowiacych o zaniku kultury i sztuki a zastepowaniu tych wartosci globalnym ,zydowskim 'przecietniactwem" w kazdej dziedzinie.

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