Thursday, October 4, 2007

Holo-barbarzynstwo w Niemczech

from Ingrid Rimland

"Sad odrzucil apel Ernsta Zundela o zlagodzenie kary"

On 12 September 2007, the German Bundesgerichtshof, a sort of appeal court, rubberstamped the treason against the German People - that they have absolutely no right to hear the truth about their history. The judgment stands as Judge Meinerzhagen pronounced it shamelessly while sentencing Ernst Zundel: "It is of absolutely no relevance whether the Holocaust happened or not. Denying it is a punishable offense. That is the only thing that matters to the Court." (Source: Berliner Tageszeitung, 2 Feb 2007)

Zydowski slugus,sedzia Meinerzhagen skazuja Ernsta na 5 lat wiezienia powiedzial bezczelnie:
"Nie ma znaczenia czy holokaust mial naprawde miejsce czy nie.
Zaprzeczanie ,ze mial miejsce jest przestepstwem .I to tylko to liczy sie w oczach sadu" Zrodlo :Berliner Tageszeitung ,2 luty 2007"

Five years in PRISON for speaking the truth about the Holocaust as documented by forensic science! Let it be said that the defence submissions appealing the harsh Mannheim sentence consisted of more than 800 carefully crafted pages of legal arguments. The Bundesgerichtsamt's reply consisted of one-and-a-half pages of blah-blah!

Obroncy Ernsta Zundela dostarczyli 800 stron legalnych i naukowych dowodow majcych uzasadnic ich pozycje.
Odpowiedz sadu zawarta jest na poltorej stronie frazeow.


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