Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ziopedia zwycieza !

Pomimo maksymalnych utrudnien w funcjonowaniu takich : jak odmowa przez Paypal przyjmowania wplat-darowizn na konto Ziopedii,nieustanny zalew "spamem" i ataki zydowskich hackerow , strona Andrew Winklera :www. ,czyli wszystko o syjonizmie , ma coraz wiecej zwolennikow i czytelnikow.
Pomimo tego,ze (podobnie jak amerykanska strona , ktora ma ponad MILION wizyt dziennie !!!) ziopedia nie ma forum ,gdzie forumowicze nabijaja liczniki , liczba odwiedzin przekroczyla 5 milionow w ciagu 16,5 misiecy od daty zalozenia .
Moje serdeczne gratulacje i nastepnych 5 milionow.


"Welcome to our 5 millionth visitor

Dear Reader,

16.5 months after the launch of this anti-Zionist site, we have the pleasure today to welcome our 5 millionth visitor. From day one, has been growing at an amazing rate of 10-20% per month. More than 50% of our readers are from the U.S., about 10% from Australia, closely followed by Canada, the U.K. and Germany. (For an exact breakdown of this year's visitor numbers see our new information page for advertisers.)

The huge number of visitors and repeated hack attacks by Jew know who has forced us to a new server and software upgrade every couple of months.

Our technical support staff has to spend dozens of hours each month with upgrades, combat self-chosen vandals and undo damage done. Long gone are the times where we could host our site with a free blog or a low cost web hosting company, without being unbearably slow and c oming to a grinding hold every few hours. All of that comes at a price, and every month we are struggling to make ends meet.

Our financial difficulties aren't made easier by the albeit flattering attention of the Zionist Mafia which is doing her utmost to financially cripple us by 'lobbying' online payment and internet advertising providers to cancel their agreements with us. As a consequence, we rely more than ever on regular donations by our readers. If only 1% of you donated 10 or 20 USD each month, we wouldn't have any worries.

If by the end of this year, we are not able to substantially improve our financial situation, this site will be history. To prevent that from happening, please donate US$20 , US$50 , US$100 , more.... or send us an email to with the details of your pledge.

Andrew Winkler
ZioPedia - All There Is To Know About Zionism"

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